We carry:
chalk paint in quart containers

8 ounce containers 
round and flat brushes
wax (different shades) in 16 oz. and 4 oz.
distressing compounds in 4 oz. containers

Why do we think chalk paint is so awesome?  

• it doesn't require sanding,

•doesn't smell up enclosed areas

• dries fast and

• is easy to distress.

A small piece of furniture can be  totally refinished in a hour without having to move it from the room. Simply slip a tarp under it, paint, let dry and then wax.  

There are other optional techniques you can add after or between coats of paint to cause distressed characteristics such as crackling paint, peeling paint, and aged paint, and sanding the paint to make it appear worn.

When you have finished painting, it is time to wax.

Our was is super easy to use. Just brush it on, wipe off the excess, then buff if you want it shiny. 

And after you have sealed the paint with clear wax, you can add other waxes with color -- you can use a darker wax to antique the piece or a white to white wash, or a gold to make it glitter... Most dark wax can be removed with clear wax, so no need to be too cautious.

Stop by and check out some of the finished projects we have at the store! 

We love helping customers and helping with projects is one of the funnest!

Chalked Country paint

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