A little about our consignment ...

We no longer offer a consignment only option, but do offer booth rental for those who want to set up their own shop for a lower consignment rate. All of our vendors and consignors have access to their own online accounts where they can check and add inventory, print out price tags, and see their payout. This is nice for knowing what is going on with your items when you are not in the store.

Item types acceptable: Quality Artisan Goods & Antiques... handmade,  repurposed, vintage or antique items for household use and decor. Items must be clean, fit with the store's style, and in good condition.
Pricing and staging: Pricing, discounting, staging and advertising wi
Payments: Payments are available the second Saturday of the month following the month of a sale. Store credit is available, and can be used toward booth payment and/or store purchases. Payment information (amount, history, etc.) will be available in your personal online account.
Item Term length and removal: Items still in on consignment and not selling after 5 months will be removed from the store, taken out of inventory and placed in the “back room”.  A note will also be added to their account info page stating that there are discontinued items waiting for pick up.   It is the consignor’s responsibility to check this area regularly.  Any items left longer than 4 weeks in the “back room” will be ownership of the store and a disposal fee may be charged to the consignor. 


1. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Basic Consignment:


Consignment rate: 50/50 (50% of sale price)

The following criteria must be met to qualify for 50% consignment rate:

Consignor’s (item owner’s) responsibility:

Items must be:
* Clean and in good repair
* Brought to the store 
* Accepted by store personnel
* Picked up when they expire (or other arrangements made)

Consignee’s (store's) responsibilities:

* Researching and pricing
* Entering into inventory and managing consignment account
* Staging, Marketing, Carrying out transactions, Paying consignor.


1: Basic Booth Consignment: $1/sq. ft +25%

The following arrangements must be followed to qualify for the 75%/25% consignment rate, where the original owner is charged a monthly rent fee will receive 75% of the sale price of their items.

Consigner’s (item owner"s) responsibilities:

2: Exclusive Booth Consignment: $1/sq. ft +15%

To qualify for the 85% /15% Booth consignment rate, all options remain the same as the Basic Booth except that 2 approved 8 hours days must be spent at the store—a duty list will be provided. See the store personell for an application.

Store’s Responsibility: